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As I wrote very clearly in my reply, I've tried everything that was recommended, I'm not here to get into it with anyone. For owners of slightly older models, I find this "closed support" system frustrating and bizarrely short-sighted. So we have to cart our old junk down to the glitzy Apple store for a "consultation"? Whatever happened to the efficiency of the Internet? Oct 30, 1: I stumbled across this thread after searching for an answer for the same problem the OP had Unplugged the power cord, waited 15 seconds probably more like a minute , plugged it back in, waited another 10 seconds or so and pressed the power button.

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Unfortunately the first time it just stayed on the grey screen, no Apple logo, etc. I watied for a bit, hit the power button to shut it off, waited another 10 seconds and pressed the power button again and after a short bit it started up normally. FW port is working again. I was preparing a new SSD to install in it. I had it running in a NewerTech FW hot swap dock. I took out the SSD to show the wife how small and light it was, put it back in and nothing. I put it into another FW external drive case, still nothing. Swapped cables, etc. After resetting the SMC it was fine again.

No idea if it had anything to do with the SSD, but just glad it's working again. Looking forward to installing the SSD now! Dec 27, 2: As usual apple discussion groups to the rescue, after having the same issue, here I come as usual, followed the reset directions for smc and I am back in business.

I even called the company for my external and had them send me a new cable. But the answer was here all along. Only did the SMC and I am back in business. While I was rumaging around unplugging, I also noticed that my Mac was filthy, on the bottom where the vents and blowers are, so cleaned that out, gross.. So thanks again for you years of helping me out of all things mac. Dec 27, 3: Resetting the SMC on Mac portables with a battery you can remove. Resetting the SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own.

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Has anything been addressed? More to come.

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Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I see the last reply was December Safari Speciality level out of ten: Just saying Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Resetting the SMC as joeuu and rkaufmann suggested took care of it! Thanks guys! Ileen Cuccaro Ileen Cuccaro.

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

You may get away with using one for a while, but it is like sleeping with a Scorpion. The result can be data corruption, or in some cases, the loss of the entire volume from damage to the volume header.

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Connecting a single FW device to one port resets every device on the bus to FW speed. Using a separate bus avoids this issue. I use it in intensive use doing frequent backups to these drives. I have yet to experience a problem with data corruption. The one caveat to keep in mind is to never, never, never try and install a hard drive firmware upgrade through a hub.

You will almost certainly brick your drive if you do so. I've been following this thread with great interest. I am a composer and have suffered very serious corruption to most of my music files. This was catastrophic to my work, and I still haven't been able to pin down the culprit. On other threads there have been discussions on Seagate drives failing en masse, gifting the users with corrupted files, and I have found this also.

I'm walking on pins and needles because my personal suspicion is that the Firewire bus itself, or the implementation of Firewire is somehow suspect. My previous G5 tower was very very very cranky with the firewire ports, needing constant resetting by turning off the The Beast. In the case of the G5, there's a special group of G5 2. I'm now convinced that there are a different set of implementation issues with the Mac Pro because my front and rear ports "go out" from time to time. For me Firewire on the Macs has been harder to deal with than "Taming the Shrew".

I really hate Firewire now. To be fair, I haven't yet installed a PCI card to handle Firewire, but wouldn't that go through the same 'controllers" and other implementation chips? I so hate being a "gamma" tester for Apple, but if installing a PCI card could remove my dread of using Firewire, I may well try it.

But it doesn't appear to be that simple. I have a year-old Mac Pro with dual quad-core processors. It has a FW port in rear, and FW ports front and rear. I just finished some testing that gave some puzzling to me results: It's the same for either FW port, and it's the same with a FW drive connected or not.

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About 1. About the same as the read speed, 1. I can't explain it, I'm just reporting it. I have multiple devices plugged into the and ports, and the speeds are indeed different. I have a Belkin FireWire hub the older, round shape one and I have been using it with a dual-drive FireWire enclosure attached to it with various Macs for years without any problems. Many GBs of data transferred successfully, so I am pretty sure that at least this FireWire hub works reliably in this application.

How To Connect Macbook Pro With Firewire

I've been using a FireWire 5 port Pyro Hub for well over 3 years. Sometimes the devices would either not appear on the desktop, or refused to function properly. No more problems with the Hub! Works great. It also accepts my FW 2. I point a very small desk fan at them, which crudely does the job of drawing blowing? For an old Dual G5 1. The built-in AppleJunk Optical Drive Expand your power, use those PCI ports! Thanks a lot!

SOLVED: FireWire Port not working! - MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A - iFixit

I was already thinking about this a few days ago when I saw one of those cards on e-bay regarding having another bus which would manage only the hard drives - so that's the solution then, great! Thanks to Becky Waring and others for info on FireWire hubs with more than three ports. I am a firm believer in the use of powered hubs.

For over three years they have helped me avoid problems of voltage variations in a wide mix of peripherals. Can someone tell me if the Granite Digital's 6-port Hub power supply goes up to volts? I'm on my way to Iraq, and need a power supply. My FireWire port does not seem to be operating.

I thought it was the converter, so I bought a new one and it does the same thing. Do I have to change the whole motherboard or is there a less expensive fix? The computer works fine with everything else.